Department of Geography

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Welcome to the department of Geography at the Moti Ram Babu Ram Government Post- Graduate College, Haldwani, District Nainital, Uttarakhand, India. To begin with under graduate of was set up in 1997 with modest B.A. / B. Sc programme and one sanctioned faculty strength. Post Graduate programme was started in 2014 with 20 seats. At the moment department has 6 faculty members, 15 research scholars (12 are awarded NET-JRF by UGC), 44 post graduate students and about 500 undergraduate students. Department is housed in separate building which has faculty offices, 2 labs and three classrooms. One of the lab is multi-media equipped. Department has collection of Annals of National Association Geographers India, Geographical Review of India, Punjab Geographers, and PAHAR since 2010. 
       Geography is science of network and experience. Our faculty members have developed network of researchers and have travelled expensively to experience across the length and breadth of India in general and Uttarakhand in particular. 
Our Undergraduate and post-graduate students are taken from science and social sciences background. In our post-graduation we offer the courses covering the range of contemporary geography with specific focus on regional geography of Uttarakhand. Faculty and graduate student research interests range broadly, including Rural Development, natural hazard, tourism, nutrition, Gender, food security, agriculture, land cover and land use, forest, population development , migration,  women health and governance of forest commons. The faculty members of the departments have participated in number of national and international conferences, seminars and workshop within the country and have published number of research papers. Faculty members are affiliated with various geographical and social organizations.


S.No Faculty Photograph Name of Faculty Designation Qualification View Resume
1 Dr. B.R. Pant Asso. Professor M.A., Ph.D View Detail
2 Dr. T.B. Singh Asso. Professor M.A., Ph.D View detail
4 Dr. Pushpa Pant Asst. Professor M.A., Ph.D View detail
5 Dr. Mamta Mishra Asst. Professor M.Sc., Ph.D View detail