Dept. of Interior & Exterior Decoration

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Dept. of Interior and Exterior Decoration, is located in the sprawling campus of MBGPG Collage, Haldwani. We are offering one year Diploma in Interior and Exterior Decoration  Offered by KUMAUN University, Nainital Uttarakhand
Interior  and Exterior Decoration  is one of the  designing courses that is offered for Decoration of house, office, Industry. It has become a specialized course only in the recent years as earlier it used to be the architect who would handle both the interior and exterior designing.
This Diploma Course  includes not only the arrangement of living space for greater functionality and creating a perfect atmosphere for the anticipated purpose of the space. Other disciplines such as architecture, product design, environmental psychology, and decoration are made use of in Interior Designing and also emphasizing the vital characteristics of all design styles, color, concept, proportion, ergonomics, balance, and function of design. College  has earned lot of credits to sustain its vision and goals viz. to emerge as a leading professional designing  college imparting practical training to the students thereby creating tremendous job opportunities.

After successfully completion of the Diploma in Interior and Exterior Decoration course a horde of opportunities for self-employment open up. With the ready market, more and more interior and exterior designers are needed and for those who have a creative potential sky is the limit. One can work as a designer  also. Employment prospects for interior designers are abundant one can  joined an independent architect or in large architectural firm and also with building contractors, hotels, and resorts. Then there is also a huge demand for interior designers for public institutions and let us not forget to mention the individuals who are keen in getting their home designed in style. A fresh  designer can earn anything from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 per month depending on what institution they come from and also on the size of the firm they join. The salary of an experienced designer could range anywhere from Rs. 30000 to Rs. 60000 per month and a designer who is directly involved with big clients can make an income in six figures per month.

Course Co ordinator : Mr. Sudhir Nainiwal 

Mobile No : 9758136272