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DETAILS OF SCHOLARSHIP 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017- 2018 





  1. Unserved Scholarship. The undergraduate students coming to the college from distances over 10 km are sanctioned scholarship by the Deputy Director Education, Kumaon Region, Nainital. The eligibility is more than 50 per cent marks in Intermediate Examination and guardian's income of not more than Rs 600 per month.
  2. Varsary Scholarship. This is sanctioned in graduation post graduation first year. The eligibility is more than 50 per cent marks in Intermediate Examination and guardian's income of not more than Rs 900 per month.
  3. National Scholarship. Sanctioned to students of graduation and post graduation first year students. The eligibility is minimum first class in Intermediate or Graduation examination and guardian's annual income less than Rs 25,000.
  4. Military Scholarship. Wards of ex-servicemen are sanctioned scholarship from the office of UP Armed Personnel Rehabilitation Fund, Lucknow. Applications may be obtained from the local military office.
  5. Scholarship to the wards of freedom fighters is given by the Deputy Director Education, Kumaon Region.
  6. Students belonging to Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes/Backward Classes are sanctioned scholarships. For this they have to apply by attaching caste certificate issued by competent authority, father's income certificate (not more than six months old) and marks sheet of the last examination passed (and affidavit in case of gap). After the last date, the applications will be submitted in the office of the District Social Welfare Officer, Nainital. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  7. Students residing outside Uttarakhand will get scholarship from the state concerned. 


  1. Undergraduate students will be issued two books at a time. Post graduate students may be issued two or more than two books at a time depending on their availability. The same facility will be available to B Ed students.
  2. Generally books are issued for one month. On expiry of one month period, students may change the books.
  3. Students will have to return all the books of the library before the commencement of the examination and they will be issued no dues certificate to this effect. The no dues certificate will not be issued without returning the books. From this session, cost of the books will not be realised at the time of issuing no dues certificate.
  4. For issuance of the books from the library, the students will themselves have to be present. Books will not be issued without identity card.
  5. Time table will be framed for issuing books for students of each class. Students will have to get the books issued by being present on date and time fixed. The time table for this purpose will be pasted on the notice board.
  6. Research scholars may get the books on recommendations of the research guide.
  7. Separate arrangements for studies of research scholars have been made.

Reading Room
Separate arrangements of reading room exist in the college for boys and girls. Newspapers and magazines in Hindi and English are subscribed in the reading room. Students are expected to make use of the reading room facility in their spare time.

Research and Consultancy
Research is a significant activity of the college and that is being promoted by PG students doing project work especially in the department of Physics, Chemistry, Hindi, Economics, Sociology, Commerce and Political Science. Out of 147 working teachers, 87 are having PhD degree and rest are engaged in research activities to obtain PhD. Many teachers have published their research papers in esteemed national and foreign journals. more than 300 students are engaged in research work under able guidance of teachers in various PG deportments. College also provides financial support to research students under the scheme of Directorate of Higher Education. As a result there is a conducive atmosphere for doctoral research, which has produced 25 PhD awards by the Kumaon University Nainital in the last five years. Research and consultancy is strengthened further by the frequent participation of faculty members in various academic activities such as seminar, symposium and workshop as well as oriented refresher courses along with the collage boost a healthy traditional of organizing seminar. 
Parents-Teachers Association (PTA):
Students are the common property of both parents and teacher. That requires meticulous grooming and nurturing. Keeping this tradition of health democratic practice, the college has a parents-teachers association which throughout the session provides a podium for parents to monitor and share a dialoge with teaches in reference to the progress of their wards. Every year, with the commencement of the academic session the college invites parents/guardians and acquint them with the latest developments and new procedures implements in the collage for the session Their suggestion are given due weightage.   
Alumni Support:
The college is privileged with a galaxy of students who have gone to carve a niche for themselves in various fields of life. The collage in its 47 years of history has proved to be a launched pad for them in the areas as difference and wide as politics, social services, scientific research, administration, culture and fine arts. The alumnies are oftenly invited on various occasions and their suggestion and their suggestion are taken into consideration for the quality empowerment of the institution. The college in emmencly grateful to all its alumni for their multifaceat support. Students can fill Amumni Form online from the college website 
Career Counseling and Placement:
The college provided assistance to students regarding career planning, related courses choices, employment option along with personality developments. These services are available on every Monday and Tuesday during collage hours at the counselors office in the college campus. The self development workshop, talks and seminars are organized for this purpose.
The placements units acts as laison between and potential employer through job placements listing for part time/full time jobs and on campus recruitments. 
Students Union:
Elections for the students union are conducted every year to provide 'young citizens' with a valid primary learning experience for assimilating in them communication skills and leading quality. The elected Students Union representing the intrest of the students community also act as a channel for redressal of their various grievances. 
Cultural Association: For the all round development of the learners an elected cultural association along with various departmental association regularly organize various co – curricular cultural competitions and activities in the college that has ushered a cognisalte atmosphere of the creativity. 
Fee Concession and Scholarship:
The college provides fee concession for talented and poor students in various categories fixed by the state government further, a number of scholarship are also available for the students economic support. These include (ASEVIT) Versery, National Scholarship. Economic support it also available to the wards of the defense personal, freedom fighter, SC/ST/OBC. To avail the above scholarship candidates has to apply in the prescribed proforma at the proper time. The dates are announced through the bulletin board of the college.